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Maison de Charme is a dynamic and innovative reality in the banqueting sector, able to propose solutions for organizing events and weddings of great scenic effect and great attention to quality.

Passion and our culinary history push us to make every event perfect.

With particular attention to new trends, we try to create a balance between excellent cuisine, which has always made us an indisputable brand, and exciting scenographies, with attention to your every customization.

Customer satisfaction is the engine of our work.

The kitchen

"There is no love more sincere than that of food."
Oscar Wilde

The raw materials are of the highest level.
The care, attention and in-depth study of the culinary times is extended so as not to harm any palate. The evolution of cooking culture has led to a thorough and perfect knowledge of raw materials, the choice of sophisticated techniques and absolute rigor in handling.
Freedom in the combinations, small touches of color and vivacity of flavors create contrasts that physically meet in a crescendo of harmony of taste.

The Pastry

"Life is too short to eat and drink badly"

Subject of exciting elaborations and limitless experimentation, pastry has constantly represented for the Maison de charme a timely and stimulating commitment, to the point of becoming a real point of reference both for the creation of new trends and for the reinterpretation of great classic desserts.
Every day the pastry shop produces great specialties that accompany all the greedy moments of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

The Setups

"A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers."
Gertrude Beese

The hallmark of our work is the creation of unique events, with the right harmonization between buffet decorations, mise en place and flower design.

Exclusive Services

"I have simple tastes I am always satisfied with the best "
Oscar Wilde

The memory of each party is entertainment. For this reason, the Maison de Charme over the years has created a wide range of exclusive services, for strategic and emotional involvement.

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Wedding Planner

Directing a wedding requires attention to every detail to give life to the desires and expectations of two people who are about to live the most important day of their life. We organize and care in detail, with great professionalism and creative flair. Creating unforgettable memories.

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